Monito’s comparison engine provide you with the best options to send money between more than 10’000 combinations of sending and receiving countries. That’s a lot of corridors, from the biggests to smaller – but still important – ones.

We are very proud to bring transparent an independent information on money transfers between so many countries and to help such a diversity of people find the right operator for their transfers.

Starting today, we will progressively add specific content to the corridors that are important for many of our users, in order to add more context to our comparison table. We know it is important for you to get all the information you can before selecting the operator you will use for your transfer, and that is why we compile the key elements you need to know before making a transfer between two given countries, as well as specific answers to frequently asked questions.

Example of additional content we created to give more information for our users sending money from United Kingdom to Nigeria.


This extended results pages already cover quite a few corridors for migrants, expatriates or international students living in the UK and sending money to India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, France, Germany or Poland. We don’t forget people sending money to the United Kingdom, be it from Australia, Canada or Switzerland.

We are a swiss startup, so we of course made sure to have information for all important communities living in Switzerland as well, starting with our biggest neighboring countries (France, Germany and Italy), and continuing with Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and the US.

Our visitors from Australia can find the best way to send money to United Kingdom or to India, visitors from Spain can compare their options for their transfer to Romania, Morroco or Brazil (also covered from Portugal), and people sending money from France to Morroco can find more information here.

We’re just getting started and we will continue to create quality content to complement our comparison results and accompany you on your way to better and cheaper money transfer solutions.

If you send money between countries that haven’t been mentioned in this post and would like more information on your best options, don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comment or send us an email at, we would be happy to help.