A large number of people use Monito’s real-time comparison platform every month to find which provider is offering the best exchange rate and the lowest fees for their money transfers. Over the past year, we’ve noticed that an increasing share of our users are looking to transfer amounts of ten thousand dollars (or equivalent) and above, and need additional guidance to make their decision.

Today, to satisfy the needs of our users making large money transfers, we are launching a free personalized consulting service to provide everyone with expert guidance for their foreign exchange needs.

In addition, we are releasing a free guide explaining everything one needs to know before transferring large amounts of money, from the key factors impacting high-value foreign exchange, to how exactly foreign exchange works and how you can limit your currency risk.

Our guide also includes reviews of the main foreign exchange providers such as OFX, Moneycorp, World First, Currencies Direct, Currency Solutions, Halo Financial, FrontierpayHiFX and FairFX.

Whether you’re an expatriate moving to a new country for your new job and needing to move your money with you, a retiree planning your retirement abroad, or a small business wanting to optimize your international transactions, we’re here to help.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we look forward to hearing from you!