Are you considering leaving the United States to Canada, Europe, Mexico or anywhere else? Maybe you’re not happy with the presidential election results, or are looking to reconnect with your family’s roots abroad. You’ll need to bring your money along with you, and you might be tempted to simply make an international bank transfer.

Banks and services such as Paypal work well, but can be very costly. Why? In addition to fees, they offer poor exchange rates which contain a hidden margin. This means that less of your money arrives at its destination compared to using superior alternatives.

You should always compare all available services to exchange and transfer your money. Monito’s got you covered. Here are some of the best international money transfer services in the US which will save you a lot of money:


TransferWise is one of the cheapest and easiest to use money transfer services out there. They offer the true mid-market exchange rate and fees as low as 0.5%, and you can set up your transfer through their website or mobile app. You can set up a direct debit from your account to avoid having to make a costly wire transfer to them.


OFX (previously USForex) is one of the most reputable international payment services worldwide, having transacted over $60 billion since 1998 and being listed on a stock exchange. They are open 24/7, offer great exchange rates and there are no fees for Monito users.

World First is a global leader in foreign exchange and international money transfers. Their customer service is where they really shine, and their specialists will guide you throughout the entire process. They will make your transfer simple, fast, and cheap.

Moneycorp is one of the most experienced companies in making international payments, having existed since 1979. You can make your transfer through their online platform, or can talk to one of their currency experts. No transfer fees for Monito users, and excellent exchange rates.

Currencies Direct are praised by their customers, who particularly appreciate the quality of Currencies Direct’s customer service. Their modern and easy-to-use online platform offers many different services when it comes to sending money abroad, and you will get a far better exchange rate than with your bank.


WorldRemit is a top choice for transferring amounts below $2000, or if you’re sending to countries such as Mexico, China, India, Philippines, or Nigeria. The money can be delivered to a bank account, in cash, on a mobile wallet or as airtime.

If you have any question for your next transfer from the US, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments or by email at, we are always happy to help you save money on your transfers!