Our core mission at Monito is to provide our users with accurate comparison information about money transfer operators costs and services, to help you make the right choice for each of your transaction.

But our role is also to provide a much information as possible on every money transfer company we compare to allow you to make your choice by considering other factors than the cost or the speed of the transfer.

Other criteria include the credibility and trusworthiness of a company, the user experience on their platform and the transparency of the information they provide. For this reason, a few months back, we started giving money transfer companies a “Monito Global Score” based on a set of different criteria.

Money transfer companies reviewed
We compare more than 450 money transfer companies

This week, we just launched new versions of our company review pages, in all our languages, putting the Monito Global Score well in view at the top of the page along with the key value propositions of the company. You can for example have a look at the new review pages of TransferGo, Azimo, Xendpay, TransferWise or WorldRemit.