No, there are no overall best way to send money abroad.

Compare ways to send money abroad

It really depends! No service will always be the best way to send money abroad.

  1. First, only a few companies have a true global presence. Local money transfer services depending on the country of origin and destination of your international money transfer might be the best way to send your money abroad.
  2. Second, it depends what is the most important criteria in your opinion (speed, cost, trust, quality of service, convenience).

Here are some parameters that will influence which option is the best for your needs:

  • the currencies of your payment (is a currency exchange needed?)
  • the amount: smaller amounts (i.e. <1000$) will be affected by the transfer fee (fixed or %) + the conversion fees whereas higher amounts will be mosty affected by the conversion fees
  • the type of the transfer (bank to bank, cash to mobile, etc…)
    and the speed of the transfer

In order to make your life easier, we’ve developped a Comparison website for money transfer services that will do the job for you and edited a guide to help you save money on transfer fees.