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Today's USD-YER commentary

Going over the progression in the past weeks of the rate between the United States dollar and the Yemeni rial, we can observe only very small fluctuations. Let's say you had set up for instance a currency exchange of USD 800 on January 7 (the "lowest" day of the past fourteen days), the foreign exchange market would have given you only YER 611.47 less than on January 11 (when the USD-YER was at its maximum), so not that much of a difference.

USD Profile

Name: United States dollar

Symbol: $

Minor Unit: 1/100 Cent

Central Bank: Federal Reserve Bank

Country(ies): United States, American Samoa

Rank in the most traded currencies: #1

YER Profile

Name: Yemeni rial


Minor Unit: 1/100 Fils

Central Bank: Central Bank of Yemen

Country(ies): Yemen