Today's best Swedish krona - Sudanese pound exchange rates

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About the SEK to SDG exchange rate

Today's SEK-SDG Commentary

The actual SEK-SDG rate is currently quite close to its lowest level of the past fourteen days. The minimal value observed during this period was SEK 1 = SDG 43.1655, yesterday at 2:22 PM. The stark contrast between the current low level of the SEK-SDG and the maximal level (SEK 1 = SDG 45.5263) observed during the last 14 days means that sending 3,500 SEK today gives you around 7,439 SDG less than if you had transferred your money at the most advantageous time of the past two weeks.

Conversion Rates SEK/SDG

1 SEK 43.401032 SDG
50 SEK 2,170 SDG
100 SEK 4,340 SDG
200 SEK 8,680 SDG
500 SEK 21,701 SDG
1,000 SEK 43,401 SDG
3,500 SEK 151,904 SDG
5,000 SEK 217,005 SDG
10,000 SEK 434,010 SDG
100,000 SEK 4,340,103 SDG
Source | Last updated an hour ago

Conversion Rates SDG/SEK

1 SDG 0.023041 SEK
50 SDG 1.152046 SEK
100 SDG 2.304093 SEK
200 SDG 4.608185 SEK
500 SDG 11.520463 SEK
1,000 SDG 23.040927 SEK
3,500 SDG 80.643243 SEK
5,000 SDG 115.204633 SEK
10,000 SDG 230.409267 SEK
100,000 SDG 2,304 SEK
Source | Last updated an hour ago

Key facts about SEK and SDG

  • About the Swedish krona

    Swedish krona
    Minor unit:
    1/100 ören (discontinued)
    Central Bank:
    Sveriges Riksbank
    Rank in the most traded currencies:
  • About the Sudanese pound

    Sudanese pound
    Minor unit:
    1/100 Piastres
    Central Bank:
    Central Bank of Sudan

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