Current SEK-IDR mid-market exchange rate

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Total cost
35.61 SEK

Total cost
70.82 SEK

Total cost
107.62 SEK

Total cost
165.62 SEK

Today's SEK-IDR commentary

Analyzing the highest and lowest values of the SEK-IDR interbank rate, we can observe a very important change (exactly 2.72%) between the highest value of SEK 1 = IDR 1,709.5382 reached last Tuesday and the lowest value of SEK 1 = IDR 1,663.0031 attained on October 10. Even though these fluctuations have been remarkable during the last two weeks, the current SEK-IDR mid-market is actually close to its average value of the past 2 weeks. Sending SEK 1,500 at the latest mid-market rate gets you IDR 2,526,115, it would have given you IDR 2,564,307 last Tuesday and only IDR 2,494,505 on October 10.

SEK Profile

Name: Swedish krona

Symbol: kr

Minor Unit: 1/100 ören (discontinued)

Central Bank: Sveriges Riksbank

Country(ies): Sweden

Rank in the most traded currencies: #9

IDR Profile

Name: Indonesian rupiah

Symbol: Rp

Minor Unit: 1/100 Sen (obsolete)

Central Bank: Central Bank of Republic of Indonesia

Country(ies): Indonesia