Current RON-SVC mid-market exchange rate

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Today's RON-SVC commentary

Examining the last 14 days period, there is a very big difference of 1.62% between the highest level of RON 1 = SVC 2.3325 recorded and the lowest level of RON 1 = SVC 2.2946 we recorded. It is noteworthy to observe that for all these fluctuations, the current RON-SVC mid-market is currently very close to its average level of the last weeks. Sending RON 1,500 at today's interbank exchange rate gets you SVC 3,460, while it was equal to as much as SVC 3,499 and only SVC 3,442.

RON Profile

Name: Romanian leu

Symbol: lei

Minor Unit: 1/100 Bani

Central Bank: National Bank of Romania

Country(ies): Romania

SVC Profile

Name: Salvadoran colón

Symbol: $

Minor Unit: 1/100 Centavo

Country(ies): El Salvador