Current RON-SLL mid-market exchange rate

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Today's RON-SLL commentary

Examining the highest and lowest levels of the RON-SLL exchange rate, we can observe a very important change (exactly 2.19%) between the maximum value of RON 1 = SLL 2,061.3084 recorded and the minimum level of RON 1 = SLL 2,016.08 reached. It is interesting to note that for all these variations, the actual RON-SLL exchange rate is actually close to its average value of the past two weeks. Exchanging RON 1,500 at today's latest mid-market exchange rate gets you SLL 3,037,477, while it was equal to as much as SLL 3,091,963 and SLL 3,024,120.

RON Profile

Name: Romanian leu

Symbol: lei

Minor Unit: 1/100 Bani

Central Bank: National Bank of Romania

Country(ies): Romania

SLL Profile

Name: Sierra Leonean leone

Symbol: Le

Minor Unit: 1/100 Cent

Central Bank: Bank of Sierra Leone

Country(ies): Sierra Leone