Current RON-KMF mid-market exchange rate

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Today's RON-KMF commentary

The actual RON-KMF exchange rate is today close to its maximal level of the past 2-week period. Its maximal value we saw during the last two weeks was RON 1 = KMF 105.808, reached. In the last couple of weeks, 1 RON was valued on average at 105.6036 KMF, the actual rate is as we're writting valued at 0.17% more than that. For a 500 RON transfer, this is close to 88.66 KMF more at the end of this transaction.

RON Profile

Name: Romanian leu

Symbol: lei

Minor Unit: 1/100 Bani

Central Bank: National Bank of Romania

Country(ies): Romania

KMF Profile

Name: Comoro franc


Minor Unit: 1/100 Centime

Central Bank: Banque Centrale des Comores

Country(ies): Comoros