Current PLN-SVC mid-market exchange rate

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Today's PLN-SVC commentary

Analyzing the highs and lows of the PLN-SVC mid-market exchange rate, we can see a very important change (exactly 1.89%) between the highest value of PLN 1 = SVC 2.5803 we saw and the minimum level of PLN 1 = SVC 2.5315 we observed. Even though the fluctuations have been very important during the last 14 days, the current PLN-SVC exchange rate is as we're writting near to its average value of the last weeks. Converting PLN 1,500 at the actual interbank exchange rate gets you SVC 3,833, it would have given you SVC 3,870 and SVC 3,797.

PLN Profile

Name: Polish z?oty


Minor Unit: 1/100 Grosze/Groszey

Central Bank: National Bank of Poland

Country(ies): Poland

SVC Profile

Name: Salvadoran colón

Symbol: $

Minor Unit: 1/100 Centavo

Country(ies): El Salvador