Current PLN-SAR mid-market exchange rate

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Total cost
157.23 PLN

Total cost
208.49 PLN

Total cost
177.03 PLN

Total cost
63.76 PLN

Today's PLN-SAR commentary

Observing the recent evolution of the PLN-SAR exchange rate, we can observe very important differences. Such variations means that if you were transferring 3,000 PLN yesterday at 7:15 AM you would have received 90.6 SAR more than on September 10.

PLN Profile

Name: Polish zloty


Minor Unit: 1/100 Grosze/Groszey

Central Bank: National Bank of Poland

Country(ies): Poland

SAR Profile

Name: Saudi riyal


Minor Unit: 1/100 Halala

Central Bank: Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

Country(ies): Saudi Arabia