Today's best Omani rial - New Zealand dollar exchange rates

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About the OMR to NZD exchange rate

Today's OMR-NZD Commentary

Looking at the progression in the past weeks of the OMR-NZD rate, we see very important differences. Such differences means that if you were for example exchanging 3,000 OMR yesterday at 2:11 PM you would have received 414.64 NZD more than on June 25.

Conversion Rates OMR/NZD

1 OMR 4.202971 NZD
100 OMR 420.297099 NZD
500 OMR 2,101 NZD
1,000 OMR 4,203 NZD
2,000 OMR 8,406 NZD
3,000 OMR 12,609 NZD
3,500 OMR 14,710 NZD
5,000 OMR 21,015 NZD
10,000 OMR 42,030 NZD
40,000 OMR 168,119 NZD
Source | Last updated 4 hours ago

Conversion Rates NZD/OMR

1 NZD 0.237927 OMR
100 NZD 23.792693 OMR
200 NZD 47.585387 OMR
500 NZD 118.963467 OMR
1,000 NZD 237.926933 OMR
2,000 NZD 475.853867 OMR
5,000 NZD 1,190 OMR
10,000 NZD 2,379 OMR
50,000 NZD 11,896 OMR
100,000 NZD 23,793 OMR
Source | Last updated 4 hours ago

Key facts about OMR and NZD

  • About the Omani rial

    Omani rial
    Minor unit:
    1/1000 Baisa
    Central Bank:
    Central Bank of Oman
  • About the New Zealand dollar

    New Zealand dollar
    Minor unit:
    1/100 Cent
    Central Bank:
    Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    New Zealand
    Rank in the most traded currencies:

Omani rials (OMR) and New Zealand dollars (NZD) exchange rates with other main currencies

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