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Today's NZD-MGA commentary

The NZD-MGA exchange rate is as we're writting quite close to its maximal value of the last 14 days. The strongest level we saw during this timeframe was NZD 1 = MGA 2,293.835 (0.48% higher than its actual level of NZD 1 = MGA 2,282.7885), attained last Wednesday. The current high level of the NZD-MGA is in stark contrast with the recent much lower value (NZD 1 = MGA 2,210.9193) observed on October 5, when sending 4,000 NZD for instance converted into only 8,843,677.09 MGA (the exact same amount gives you 9,131,154.1 MGA at the moment - 287,477 MGA more).

NZD Profile

Name: New Zealand dollar

Symbol: $

Minor Unit: 1/100 Cent

Central Bank: Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Country(ies): New Zealand

Rank in the most traded currencies: #11

MGA Profile

Name: Malagasy ariary

Symbol: Ar

Minor Unit: 1/10 Iraimbilanja

Central Bank: Banque Centrale de Madagascar

Country(ies): Madagascar