Current HUF-KMF mid-market exchange rate

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Today's HUF-KMF commentary

Analyzing the highs and lows of the HUF-KMF interbank rate, we can see an important difference (1.28%) between the highest level of HUF 1 = KMF 1.5294 observed and the lowest value of HUF 1 = KMF 1.5098 we saw. These variations notwithstanding, the current HUF-KMF rate is just now in the vicinity of its average value of the last two weeks. Sending HUF 1,500 at today's latest mid-market exchange rate gets you KMF 2,276, while it was equal to as much as KMF 2,294 and only KMF 2,265.

HUF Profile

Name: Hungarian forint

Symbol: Ft

Minor Unit: 1/100 Fillér

Central Bank: Hungarian National Bank

Country(ies): Hungary

KMF Profile

Name: Comoro franc


Minor Unit: 1/100 Centime

Central Bank: Banque Centrale des Comores

Country(ies): Comoros