Current HUF-CLP mid-market exchange rate

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Today's HUF-CLP commentary

The actual HUF-CLP rate is currently near its highest level of the last fourteen days. The highest value observed during the last 14 days was HUF 1 = CLP 2.4013, attained yesterday at 8:06 AM. This current high value of the HUF-CLP exchange rate is in stark contrast with the recent much lower level (HUF 1 = CLP 2.3311) observed on December 3, when sending 4,000 HUF for example only gave you 9,324.24 CLP (the same transfer converts to 9,541.01 CLP now - 216.77 CLP more).

HUF Profile

Name: Hungarian forint

Symbol: Ft

Minor Unit: 1/100 Fillér

Central Bank: Hungarian National Bank

Country(ies): Hungary

CLP Profile

Name: Chilean peso

Symbol: $

Minor Unit: 1/100 Centavo

Central Bank: Banco Central De Chile

Country(ies): Chile