Current HKD-RWF mid-market exchange rate

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Total cost
86.32 HKD

Today's HKD-RWF commentary

Going over the recent evolution of the HKD-RWF mid-market exchange rate, we discern only very small differences. Imagine you had planned for example a currency conversion of HKD 800 (the "worse" day of the last 14 days), the FX market would have given you only RWF 269.16 less than (when the HKD-RWF was at its maximum level), a small amount of difference.

HKD Profile

Name: Hong Kong dollar

Symbol: HK$

Minor Unit: 1/100 Cent

Central Bank: Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Country(ies): Hong Kong

Rank in the most traded currencies: #13

RWF Profile

Name: Rwandan franc


Minor Unit: 1/100 Centime

Country(ies): Rwanda