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Sending 2400 HKD with Your recipient gets Exchange rate Fees
474.27 AZN Check rates OFX HKD to AZN rate:
1 HKD = 0.198 AZN
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About the HKD to AZN exchange rate

Today's HKD-AZN Commentary

The variations of the HKD-AZN rate observed over the last two weeks are quite smalls.|Examining the highs and lows of the HKD-AZN exchange rate, we can observe difference (0.12%) between the highest level of HKD 1 = AZN 0.2167 observed last Sunday and the minimum level of HKD 1 = AZN 0.2164 we observed on June 24.|Going over the lows and highs in the past weeks of the HKD-AZN exchange rate, we observe differences.} Let's say you had set up for example a HKD 800 transfer on June 24 (when the HKD-AZN was at its lowest level of the past 14 days), the FX market would have given you only AZN 0.2 less than last Sunday (when the HKD-AZN was at its highest level), so not that much of a variation.

Conversion Rates HKD/AZN

1 HKD 0.216511 AZN
1,000 HKD 216.510888 AZN
2,000 HKD 433.021776 AZN
5,000 HKD 1,083 AZN
10,000 HKD 2,165 AZN
15,000 HKD 3,248 AZN
20,000 HKD 4,330 AZN
50,000 HKD 10,826 AZN
100,000 HKD 21,651 AZN
500,000 HKD 108,255 AZN
Source | Last updated 2 minutes ago

Conversion Rates AZN/HKD

1 AZN 4.618705 HKD
50 AZN 230.935268 HKD
100 AZN 461.870536 HKD
200 AZN 923.741073 HKD
500 AZN 2,309 HKD
1,000 AZN 4,619 HKD
3,500 AZN 16,165 HKD
5,000 AZN 23,094 HKD
10,000 AZN 46,187 HKD
100,000 AZN 461,871 HKD
Source | Last updated 2 minutes ago

Key facts about HKD and AZN

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