Current GBP-TTD mid-market exchange rate

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Total cost
13.49 GBP

Total cost
16.79 GBP

Total cost
26.85 GBP

Total cost
33.29 GBP

Total cost
50.32 GBP

Today's GBP-TTD commentary

The rate between the Pound sterling and the Trinidad and Tobago dollar is now quite close to its maximal value of the past 2-week period. The maximal value observed during this timeframe was GBP 1 = TTD 9.4484, today at 2:00 AM. The current high value of the GBP-TTD exchange rate differs significantly from the much lower value (GBP 1 = TTD 9.0614) observed on January 10, when sending 4,000 GBP for instance only gave you 36,245.67 TTD (the same amount gives you 37,719.82 TTD now, a difference of 1,474.15 TTD).

GBP Profile

Name: Pound sterling

Symbol: £

Minor Unit: 1/100 penny

Central Bank: Bank of England

Rank in the most traded currencies: #4

TTD Profile

Name: Trinidad and Tobago dollar

Symbol: TT$

Minor Unit: 1/100 Cent

Central Bank: Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago