Current GBP-THB mid-market exchange rate

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Total cost
2.62 GBP

Total cost
0.83 GBP

Total cost

Total cost
18.25 GBP

Total cost
3.13 GBP

Total cost
43.12 GBP

Total cost
30.84 GBP

Total cost
49.46 GBP

Total cost
6.13 GBP

Total cost
26.93 GBP

Today's GBP-THB commentary

Comparing the highest and lowest values of the GBP-THB interbank rate, we can see a very big difference (exactly 4.05%) between the highest level of GBP 1 = THB 43.7051 attained last Thursday and the minimum value of GBP 1 = THB 41.9354 we saw on October 2. It is interesting to note that in spite of these variations, the current GBP-THB rate is as we're writting near to its average value of the past 14 days. Transferring GBP 1,500 at today's interbank exchange rate gets you THB 64,393, while it would have given you as much as THB 65,558 last Thursday and THB 62,903 on October 2.

GBP Profile

Name: Pound sterling

Symbol: £

Minor Unit: 1/100 penny

Central Bank: Bank of England

Rank in the most traded currencies: #4

THB Profile

Name: Thai baht

Symbol: ฿

Minor Unit: 1/100 Satang

Central Bank: Bank of Thailand

Country(ies): Thailand