Current DKK-VND mid-market exchange rate

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Total cost
27.86 DKK

Total cost
46.89 DKK

Total cost
127.48 DKK

Today's DKK-VND commentary

The interbank rate between the Danish krone and the Vietnamese ??ng is currently quite close to its maximal level of the last 2-week period. Its highest value during this period was DKK 1 = VND 3,746.1586 (only 0.48% more than its current level of DKK 1 = VND 3,728.2334), last Friday. The high value of the DKK-VND rate differs considerably from the much lower level (DKK 1 = VND 3,634.6034) recorded on January 9, when a transfer of 4,000 DKK only gave you 14,538,413.45 VND (the same transfer gives you 14,912,933.46 VND with the current rate, a difference of 374,520.01 VND).

DKK Profile

Name: Danish krone

Symbol: kr

Minor Unit: 1/100 Øre

Central Bank: Danmarks Nationalbank

Country(ies): Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands

VND Profile

Name: Vietnamese ??ng


Minor Unit: 1/100 Hào

Central Bank: State Bank of Vietnam