Current CZK-PYG mid-market exchange rate

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Today's CZK-PYG commentary

The actual CZK-PYG exchange rate is at the moment quite close to its maximal level of the last 14 days. Its maximal level recorded during this period was CZK 1 = PYG 272.6258, last Thursday. The actual high level of the Czech koruna-Paraguayan guaraní differs significantly from the much lower value (CZK 1 = PYG 262.5546) recorded on January 9, when sending 4,000 CZK for example converted into only 1,050,218.43 PYG (the same transfer converts to 1,085,224.94 PYG with the current rate).

CZK Profile

Name: Czech koruna


Minor Unit: 1/100 Haléru

Central Bank: Czech National Bank

Country(ies): Czech Republic

PYG Profile

Name: Paraguayan guaraní

Symbol: Gs

Minor Unit: 1/100 Céntimo

Central Bank: Banco Central del Paraguay

Country(ies): Paraguay