Current BGN-JMD mid-market exchange rate

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15.83 BGN

Today's BGN-JMD commentary

During the past 14 days period, there is a very important difference (exactly 3.97%) between the highest value of BGN 1 = JMD 79.8888 attained on October 16 and the minimum level of BGN 1 = JMD 76.7154 we recorded last Sunday. In spite of all these important variations, the actual BGN-JMD rate is as we're writting in the vicinity of its average level of the last two weeks. Converting BGN 1,500 at the latest mid-market exchange rate gives you JMD 118,031, it would have converted into JMD 119,833 on October 16 but only JMD 115,073 last Sunday.

BGN Profile

Name: Bulgarian lev

Symbol: лв

Minor Unit: 1/100 Stotinki

Central Bank: Bulgarian National Bank

Country(ies): Bulgaria

JMD Profile

Name: Jamaican dollar

Symbol: J$

Minor Unit: 1/100 Cent

Central Bank: Bank of Jamaica

Country(ies): Jamaica